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“The Lens”


Set in a world where privacy laws have made taking picture illegal, a man sets out with a woman on a search for “The Lens,” a rumored attachment to complete “The Device,” pitting them against a Government that does not want to return to the days of non-stop selfies.

Completed Novels

YA Novel

A Coming of Age Gamer Story

109,000 Words

Sci-Fi Novel

Thomas Crown in Space

104,000 Words


Technological Cult gone right

95,000 Words

Work in Progress

“The Lens II: The Lens Strikes Back!”

In Draft

“The Lens” is storytelling gone wrong.

What Fans are Saying

Beverly Mattingdale

I vomited on page 17, but by page 582 I can confidently say it was worth it!”

Jefferson Thorpe

I firmly believe this story was sent from the future from a very strange person.”

Calvin Tristan

“I can no longer look into a camera lens the same way.”

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